NMR goes into the field to purify waste water.

NMR takes to the marshes to purify waste water.

Autonomous Reed Bed Installations (ARBI).


FP7 - EU Framework 7 Grant

- to a value of 1.188 million Euro.

2nd September 2013, for 2 years

Consortium Members :

  1. Agricultural Requisites and Mechanizations Limited
  2. Lab-Tools Limited
  3. Lightmain Company Limited
  4. Oxyguard International AS
  5. Technosam SRL
  6. The Nottingham Trent University
  7. Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

As part of an EU program in support of small to medium enterprises (SMES), this grant will enable the consortium to develop ecologically sound and sustainable modular reed-bed installations for purifying waste-water.

Multiple nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) installations, buried in the reed-beds, will be used to monitor their life-cycle, so that corrective action can be taken to prevent clogging and to extend their life.

Lab-Tools Ltd. [1] is a micro-SME, an independent research company, a spin-off from the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Kent, UK, specialising in academic and contract NMR research [2,3], and developing advanced laboratory instrumentation.

Lab-Tool's director, Dr. Beau Webber, has been designing highly compact digital NMR spectrometers for more than 4 decades, now employing the latest field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), multi-core array processing chips, and high-level array manipulating languages.

[1] www.Lab-Tools.com
[2] www.lab-tools.com/publications/Webber_JBW.html
[3] www.nano-metrology.co.uk/